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Mostostal Kraków offers services in the gas transmission industry:

  • Gas lines linear welding,
  • Laying the gas pipeline and all earthworks.

The gas lines industry is very demanding in terms of quality. Contractors are often facing very high requirements, like e.g. hazardous work, having a certified quality management system, compliance with the requirements of EU directives and standards, or environmental protection.
Mostostal Kraków performs works with its own resources – a team of 25 qualified employees with valid welders’ licenses and operators of UDT automated devices and qualifications certificates for Group III in the operation field.

Own hardware:

  • seven-cabin headlamp for linear welding,
  • welding machines,
  • automated welding headsets,
  • well equipped welding booths,
  • side crane “rurowładacz”,
  • “STAR” task car with HDS equipment,
  • internal centering machine “DN1000”,
  • two external DN1000 centering machines,
  • mechanical beveller-cutter,
  • welding sources for 135/136 methods,
  • welding sources for 141/111 methods.

Other areas of activity


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Prefabrication of steel constructions

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