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MK German Market

MK German Market  is an entity that supports construction activities in Germany. We have been present on the German market since the 1970s. We dedicate our range of services in the production of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements, the production of prefabricated elements for building construction and engineering, reinforcement works and the production of steel constructions to German companies. The range of production capacities includes structural elements for power plants, bridge structures, halls, containers, tanks and machinery.

In addition to our production activities, we provide and develop comprehensive services for the on-site assembly of steel structures.

MK German Market includes a branch office in Cologne, Germany, as well as staff support at branches located in Poland. Orders are handled by a highly qualified and experienced staff of 1,000 employees.


Other areas of activity


Prefabrication of steel constructions

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Steel constructions assebly

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Multi-level steel modular parking lots

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