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Modular solutions - Multi-level steel modular parking lots

Modular solutions allow us to create multi-levelstructures, suitable for quick assembly and arescalable, that means full possibility ofadaptation to the demand in a given moment –additional floors, reconstruction, and evendismantling.

Steel modular parking lots are the result of a constant search for new marketsolutions in cooperation with our Western partners. Created on a steel structureintended for multi-level parking lots, which are characterized by the advantagessuch as:
• high prefabrication rate;
• wide scaling possibilities;
• significant reduction in implementation time;
• improving assembly safety.

Analysis of the feasibility of implementing the project allows you to determine the optimal parking layout. After the structure is completed in the factory, we transport the structure to the construction site to start assembling it. That consists of 5 stages:

1. Installation prefabricated reinforced concrete foundations of small dimensions

2. Setting of prefabricated steel structure.

3. Fixing of beams using a connection screws.

4. Arrangement of prefabricated concrete slabs and prefabricated staircases.

5. Installation of necessary installations and starting operation.

Benefits of the system

Full fit

It’s a system that guarantees full adaptation to various changing over time. You can expand both lengthwise and widthwise, as well as increase its height. The modular configuration makes it that the system can be replicated and expanded, adapting it to all types land and plots.

Easy assembly

The modular system makes it easier for production and assembly and increases its compatibility. Thanks to the unification of steel systems modular parking lots are easier to use maintain and service.

Economy – this system allows obtaining large parking spaces at competitive prices.

Time – thanks to prefabrication, we are able to deliver your parking lot in record time.


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