On 12 August 2021, Mostostal Kraków and Budimex signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hyundai Engineering in the petrochemical, refinery, energy and infrastructure sectors in Poland.
Budimex was represented by CEO Artur Popko, Mostostal Kraków by CEO Jacek Lech and authorised signatory Pawel Smigla. Hyundai was represented by Vice President Won Ock Kim, Jung Ho Song and Iga Lis – Member of the Board of Hyundai Engineering Poland sp. z o.o. – a subsidiary of HEC. The companies of the Budimex Group will assist the Hyundai Engineering Co. S.A. branch in Poland in the tendering process and, if the contract is awarded, also in the execution of the contract. The agreement concluded is of a general and framework nature, and decisions on cooperation will be made on a case-by-case basis. We are currently working on the Polimery Police project, where Mostostal Krakow is supplying and assembling the steel structure for a new polypropylene plant.