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Zinc oxide treatment hall in the ZGH Bolesław mine and smelter, Bukowno

Task as part of the general contractor function: Completion of the hall for the treatment of zinc oxides – phase I of the construction project “Plant for deep dechlorination, fluoridation and leaching of zinc oxide, as residue after processing steel mill dust”. Delivery and assembly of the 788 ton steel construction.

Scope of services:

  • Production, delivery and assembly of the steel structure for the hall for the treatment of zinc oxides, approx. 788.75 tons,
  • Production of light wall and roof cladding for the hall for the treatment of zinc oxides including the delivery and installation of windows, gates, doors, blinds, skylights, water drainage from the roof, connection plates,
  • Construction of a base in the form of layered masonry along the entire perimeter of the hall,
  • Construction of reinforced concrete masonry for boxes in the hall for treatment of zinc oxides,
  • Construction of the office and energy building
  • Construction of the 6 kV switchgear.

Client: ZGH “Bolesław” S.A.

Completion date: April 2012